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$75 & Up


Bath & Brush Package

Dogs, Cats, or Horses​

The Bath and Brush package includes top of the line shampoo and conditioner.

Also includes:

-Blow Dry

-Brush out


-Nail trim and filing (if pet allows)

-Teeth brushed

-Ears cleaned

-Ears plucked (if needed)

-Anal glands expressed


-Bandana or Bow

Bath and Brush are for dogs, cats, or horses.

 Small dogs $75 & up. 

Cats $120 & up. 

Horses $300 & up. 

Prices depend on breed, coat condition, and coat texture. 



Face, Feet, & Fanny Package​​


$85 & Up

Dogs or Cats

The Face, Feet, and Fanny package includes cutting the face, paw pads, and sanitary.

Also includes:

(Same as bath)

Face, Feet, and Fanny are for dogs or cats. 

Small dogs start out at $85 & up

Cats $130 & up.


Prices depend on breed, coat condition, and coat texture.



$95 & Up


Full Groom


Dogs Only

The Full Groom package is an all over hair cut.

Also includes:

(Same as bath)

Full grooms are for dogs only. 

Small dogs start out at $95 & up. 

** Doodles start at $150 & up **


Prices depend on breed, coat condition, and coat texture.



Nail Trim Only without package above:


-Charge is for clients wanting just nails done not packages above.

-Single pet $40 

-Multiple pets $25 per


Add Ons


Flea Treatment $15 per pet

-This includes flea shampoo and having to deep clean the grooming unit.

-Charge per pet with fleas present



-$1.00 per minute 

- if matting is excessive or to painful for pet a shave down will be required. 


Blueberry Facial $15.00

-10 minute blueberry facial your dog will love!



De-Skunked $60

-If Dog is sprayed by a skunk; we have a treatment for that!

-Additional with Bath and Brush Package




No Show Fee

-This fee includes clients that “no show” the appointment.

-See FAQ regarding no show




Returned Check Fee

-If you have a returned check, you will also no longer be allowed to use checks as a form of payment.




Cancellation Fee

-If client cancels within 24 hours or less of appointment scheduled



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